Elections 2016: What’s at stake for California?

By now you must know that the 2016 elections are a big deal—you will have the privilege to vote for a new U.S President!  While that’s very important, the presidential seat is only one of out hundreds of public seats are open this year.  California citizens will be able to elect candidates for U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, State Senate, State Assembly, local judges, city mayors, and more.  These are the people that make important decisions that impact your local communities.From schools to parks to streets and more.

If you want better schools, safer parks, cleaner streets, you will need to ele11-CandidateIssues-1ct the candidates across different levels of government that will best represent you, your family and your community. In addition to elected representatives, you will be able to vote for state and local ballot measures- a proposed legislation on issues like marijuana use, the minimum wage, health are access, school funding, parks funding and more.  But first, you need to register to vote.

For more information on federal, state and local elections:

Remember, voting for president isn’t the only reason to head to the polls. You will have the privilege to vote for federal, state and local representatives – these are the people that make decisions impacting your local community. There’s a lot at stake for Californians! From schools to parks to streets and more – your vote matters. There are 7 more days left until the CA voter registration deadline on May 23! Make a difference—Register today!