With 17 Days Left to Register to Vote, Will Latinos Step Up to the Challenge?

We’re just 17 days away from the voter registration deadline in California where Latinos are 39% of the population but are historically one of the groups with lowest voter turn out. Together we can change that!

In 2016  about 6.9 million Latinos will be eligible to vote in California.  With so much at stake for the Latino community—from immigration, the economy, healthcare and the environment – we need to make sure our voice is heard at the polls.

Register to vote by the May 23 deadline – ensure that you have the opportunity to vote this June for the state and local candidates and ballot measures that will impact your community, your family, and the issues you care about.

Need more reasons to register to vote? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to track our countdown to the CA voter registration deadline on May 23.  We’re posting a reason every day  explaining why we think it’s crucial to register to vote – but we want to hear your reasons, too.  Join the conversation and tell us what’s your reason to register to vote!


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With the primary elections almost coming to an end, there is a lot happening in politics. Stay informed. Here are some of the top headlines from this past week.

Trump Speech at GOP Convention in Burlingame Met With Protests

Donald Trump: “That was not the easiest entrance I’ve ever made,” the frontrunner said. “It felt like I was crossing the border actually. I was crossing the border, but I got here.”

Looks Like it’s Trump: Latinos React to Cruz, Kasich Exiting GOP Race

“Sitting out is not an option for our community, ever… It’s time we own the narrative. It’s time we’re clear that when someone tries to make us less American, to harm our children, disparage our contributions to this great country, we defend ourselves with our vote. Our vote will demonstrate not only that words matter but that words have consequences.”- Maria Teresa Kumar

Maná Urge Latinos to Use Their Political Voice

The Mexican rock band Maná, performed at the Cinco de Mayo celebration in the White House. They took that opportunity to urge Latinos to vote and get involved.

“The Latino Power Tour is [intended} to Celebrate the Latino culture. Latinos have given so much to the US culturally and with this tour we want to celebrate that…We also want to tell the people to go out and vote…Your vote makes a difference.” –Maná member